Regent Sporting Goods

Company Information

Regent Sporting Goods (Aust.) is a leader in the sport and leisure industries for over 40 years. Founded in 1976, the company has long established itself as a provider of the highest quality sporting goods. The company’s success over such a long period of time can be attributed to its long-standing commitment to prioritizing the customer, offering the highest quality product, and quick stock turnaround times.

Sport covers so many different demographics of people, and at Regent, we pride ourselves on having the greatest range of products across many different sports.

Commonly referred to in the industry as a ‘one-stop shop’, the company’s success has been underpinned by the acquisition and distribution of quality brands & products, coupled with a level of superior service offered by a national wide network of sales representatives & selling agents. We are a company who have always prided ourselves on offering a superior level of customer service to all our customers, and we believe that this had been the foundation for many long-standing business relationships.

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